Applied Science and Technolgy Lab

How To Be Successful In This Class

The tech lab is a computer based activity class so it is not possible to work at home to improve the grades, but the way a student approaches the lessons has a huge impact on how they do. The students work in activities that last for nine days. At the end of nine days they move on to a new rotation. Each rotation is worth 420 points, but on Aeries I enter the assignment as the percentage of points they complete (this is why the rotation shows 100 points). The breakdown of these points is: 140 for attendance and participation which the student decides how many points they deserve (1/3rd of their grade), 60 points for how I see them working (most of the time they get all of these points), and finally RCA's and Post Test which make up the remaining points. As you can see the average student almost always receives 100% on half of their grade. Where the grade drops is the RCA's. A RCA is a quiz that is given after the daily computer lesson. It is based exactly on what has just been presented. The most common cause of a low a RCA grade is not paying enough attention to the lesson because the student wants to hurry up and get started with the fun stuff (the activities). I would recommend paying more attention to the lesson part of the day. One other grade you will notice is the Rotation Packet. This is a one page sheet of paper where they keep track of the points they earned, vocabulary and what they learned each day. This is worth 10 points (10% of the rotation grade), and they receive all 10 points if all the spaces are filled in. The back part of the sheet has two Extra Credit opportunities that take about 10 minutes each. These are worth 5 points and they are added to the packet grade. If you see a score higher than 10 on the packet grade they did the extra credit.

Applied Science and Technolgy Lab

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