6th Grade Math/Science and 7th Grade AVID


Math - Periods 1 and 3 have math homework, Monday through Thursday and quizzes or Chapter tests on Friday. They need to study their boardwork for their tests. The boardwork is the test! Scores are posted in their planners each Monday. One score is for the test, the other score is for the homework for the week.

Science - Earth Science is our focus. Homework varies. Students grades are based on tests, experiments with write ups, and work packets. Ask to see your child's point sheet to see the grades they are receiving.

AVID - Students have weekly binder checks. You can look at their point sheet, kept in their notebooks to see what grade they are receiving. They will also receive grades on class projects. Very little homework in this class. The point system changes each quarter.

Exploratory Wheel - This is a hands-on, enrichment program for math. Students are graded on completion and accuracy of math.

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