Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to Third Grade! We, Mrs. Christine Pizzo-Spina and Mrs. Stephanie Dey, are thrilled to be your child’s teachers. We are job sharing this school year and are very excited to work with you and your children. Combined we have 35 years of experience and an extensive teaching background. It’s going to be a fabulous year! There are many new and exciting things that will be happening in third grade this year. We will use what we learned in second grade to expand our knowledge and apply skills to new ideas and concepts. We will explore the history of the Placentia, collaborate with classmates to make discoveries in science, become better writers and storytellers, and construct a deeper understanding of various math problems. We will provide you with more specific curriculum information on September 11th at Back to School Night.

We encourage you to come and see what we are doing in Third Grade! On this web page you will find links to any upcoming events, monthly newsletters or tips to help your child at home.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have regarding our program. We are available before and after school by both phone and email.
Mrs. Dey and Mrs. Pizzo-Spina

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When you are looking at the calendar, click your mouse on the event date you are interested in and detailed information will appear.

We have attached several links to access school resources and websites that support what your child is learning. Enjoy!

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