7th/8th Grade Physical Education--7th Grade Active Health

We have started California State Physical Fitness Testing. A letter was sent home explaining all 6 tests. The California PFT website goes into great detail regarding the tests.

It is crucial that students have proper nutrition, rest, and hydration to ensure they can perform at their best for the tests.

The top 10 reasons why we assign the Tuffree Cardio-log!!

10-Three days of cardio meets the California State Standard for 3-4 days of vigorous physical activity.
9- It is a great opportunity to try new activities and get family more active.
8- Cardio-logs give an active person a chance to practice their specific sport.
7- The cardio-log and its principles help the student learn how to train their body to be more efficient.
6- Physical activity is a great stress reducer.
5- Physical activity reduces body fat and helps to maintain a healthy body weight.
4- Physical activity boosts the immune system and contributes to less illness.
3- Physical activity helps overall focus in the classroom.
2- Scientific studies show that a physically active person gets higher academic grades.
And the #1 reason a student should complete their cardio-log on a weekly basis is……

Because it is good for you to get off the couch and out of the house and MOVE!!


**The salad ordering website is up and running! You can also order a custom sandwich!**

Order a healthy entree salad or sandwich for lunch!! Tuffree piloted an exciting online ordering system for healthy salads and sandwiches! SIMPLY visit and scroll towards the bottom of the page. There you will see the direct link (Thanks Mr. Miller) to the salad/sandwich ordering page!

Cardio/Vocabulary logs will be handed out on September 12th. Week #1 logs will be checked on September 19th.

Cardio logs/vocabulary logs are checked every Monday. They are excepted on Tuesday for 1/2 credit. Remember---You have 7 days to complete them!

P.E. Makeups!
If you miss a day of PE, you must physically makeup the activtiy you miss. Makeups times are available before and after school, or at lunch if needed. Please refer to your handbook for more details. You may also inquire with me about details and scheduling.

Cardio/Vocab logs are also located at the 7th/8th grade link under Files.

**You can contact me at**

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