7th Grade Science

Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

WELCOME TO 7th GRADE SCIENCE. I’m looking forward to a great school year! I will be sending out emails throughout the school year to help keep you informed of due dates and activities that we will be completing. I have been going over all of this information in class but I wanted you to also receive a digital copy as well.

Here are some helpful things to remember in science for the Week of 10/17

10/25- Work on Study Guide in Class
10/26- Turn in Study Guide, complete hmwk Packet
10/27- Cell Like a Factory Test
10/28- Minimum Day
10/31 Halloween Dress Up

• Students are expected to copy the week’s agenda in their planners on Monday. There may be small changes but I try to adjust them on Edweb should they arise. You may find this information in the 7th grade assignment section. I try to post this on Monday mornings, so you will know what we do in class each day. Below is the agenda for next week. On the homepage of the website I will list in important due dates.

Thank you for all you do!
S. Brock

We have lots of activities planed for this semester. In keeping with the nature of the class, all work including lab write-ups will be completed in class. If you are absent please see me and we will make accommodations for your notebook on these occasions. However, you MUST get my signature to receive full credit.

Below are a few items that you might have that we could used for future activities. This list will probably grow as we find new activities to do. Please check the website for an updated list! It can be found on the right--> Thank you for all you do!

2 Liter soda bottles
Empty soda cans- not crushed
Small boxes (empty Kleenex boxes, shoe boxes)
Pin tins
Old Cd’s
Food coloring
Toilet paper and paper towel rolls
Pipe (pvc)
Chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)
Duct tape
Clear tape
Paint stirrers/ craft sticks
Modeling clay
Anything that can be used to build something
Plaster of Paris