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What are Cornell Notes? How do I use them?
The idea behind the Cornell notes is that we take notes in class that go on the right side of the paper (note-taking). There are times that I will allow students to discuss an issue, question, or portion of the notes in class to be sure they have the info they need or to gain clarification. THEN, sometimes in class (limited) but mostly at home, students are to do the note-making AND the connections to the notes. The note-making is what is done to the notes a student took in class (re-read, circle terms, underline subtopics, and highlight main ideas). The "connections" are what is done in the left margin (ex. writing definitions, asking questions, stating opinions, etc.) This should take 7-10 minutes a night, BUT the great thing about it is that a student will be reviewing his/her notes from each day AND if he/she starts with their notemaking and connections at the beginning of the notes each night, then they will likely gain more understanding and insight each time they review them.

Finally, Cornell notes can be folded to cover the right side and the connections on the left can be used as a self-quiz.

See Web Files and look for the Cornell Notes Interaction Guide.

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