Mrs. Duncan's Kindergarten/First Grade Combo

Hi 2011-2012 Parents and Friends:I am so excited to be teaching a Kindergarten/First grade combination class. I completed my student teaching in First Grade at the University of Michigan, taught kindergarten at Bryant Ranch, taught upper grades 5-8, taught teacher education classes at Azusa Pacific University, and returned back to my early educational roots of kindergarten and first grade, my true love. This combination class allows me to work with six of the most professional teachers: Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Mathewson, Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Estrada, Mrs. Does, and Mrs. Rodriguez. We look forward to an awesome year challenging your child academically and socially.
September is a busy month. We will review the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. First graders will review sight words I, see, my, the, to, and, go, is, she, he, and like. We will write numbers to 30, and make AB, ABB, and ABC patterns. Please remember to read 15-20 minutes every day. We are setting the stage for a life time of learning. Warmest Wishes, Michele Duncan

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It has been so hot this week.  I have spent my time reading and sitting by the pool to stay cool.  Hope your having a good summer.  Love, Mrs. D

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What are you doing this summer?

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What are you doing this summer?
 watching T.V.
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