Kindergarten teacher

Dear parents,
Welcome to a wonderful year of exploration and learning. The children have begun moving forward by acquiring new skills in math and language arts. We will be concentrating on the kindergarten standards that will prepare them for a successful entry into first grade.
By the time they finish kindergarten, they are required to know basic adding and subtracting facts through 10. Recognizing and counting numbers through 31 should be in place by the second quarter.
In language arts your child should be able to sound out and spell simple three letter words and know by sight; I, my, she, he, and, the, to, go, see, like, and have. By the second quarter they need to recognize all of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds.
This is a full curriculum, but with your help at home and my daily instruction, they will be successful in their academics.
Mrs Mell is there to assist on a daily basis as well as parent volunteers. Your child is in good hands.

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