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Our Plans for December and January


December/January are very full months of academic learning in Wagner Kindergarten! We will be focusing on the letters Q, D, Z, X, F, L and K.  Sounds in the initial placement of words and their manipulation to make new words will continue to be important. Tracking left to right is highlighted as is reading with understanding. CVC words will become important as well as we begin to finger sound. Phonemic segmentation will also be explored. Children will continue to study their high frequency words and work on sentence formation. Listening to stories and answering comprehension questions is continued. We are also talking about characters, where stories take place, what the problem is in the story and how the problem is solved. We are learning about the parts of a book and how to differentiate between a letter, a word and a sentence. We will continue to focus on writing our first and last name to standard. We will continue the District’s writing program, Step –Up to Writing. Mrs. Lancaster and her students will write weekly on her big writing board using our knowledge of the “T-Graph”. Please be sure to work on their letter of the week handwriting. Good printing always showcases their work.  Books with required written responses by the children will start going home in late January on Thursday nights.

Math instruction will continue with the use of the calendar, the numbers 0-15 and relating numbers to real life applications. We will be focusing on the correct stroking of the numbers 0-15. Concentration of 1 to 1 counting will be important.  Counting collection bags will be used weekly. CGI problems will be used each Friday as well as a daily CGI journal. We will practice counting sequences to 20 that begin with any number as well as continue our understanding of the place values contained in the numbers 11-20.   The children are improving their quantitative skills with each day.

 We will continue our work on being good citizens and making good choices that reflect the thoughts of an excellent Wagner Wildcat.  Mrs. Lancaster sees incredible growth in this area. She is also proud of their homework efforts.

December will bring December calendars, parent surprise creations, shape angels, practicing for our winter performance and practicing the scientific method on gingerbread men and on candy canes.  Additional January focus will include the study of weather, winter, penguins, Eskimos, Martin Luther King and whales. Please note there will be no parent centers during the week of December 5th - December 9th due to our practice schedule for the winter performance.  There will also be no homework the week of December 12th.  I realize things get very hectic as we approach the holidays.

Finally, Mrs. Lancaster looks forward to seeing all the parents in January for tulip planting in our Kindergarten planter. Specific times will be announced soon. Remember to wear old clothes on that day.



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