Welcome to the wonderful world of Language Arts

I tell my students that I am the phat old white guy from Africa. This is indeed an accurate description of my heritage. It does not however convey much about the person that I am. I am privileged to teach in a great Language Arts department as well as a tremendous Physical Education department and am looking forward to a fantastic year. When not teaching Language Arts, SWAT or PE at Tuffree I also am on the pastoral staff at Saddleback Church where I pastor the Traditions congregation. I also am the Test Administrator for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in southern California. Lastly, in whatever spare time there is, I am the husband of Elayne for the past 40 years, an avid reader of biographies, theology and mysteries of all sorts, the father of four children and grandfather to some of the world's most awesome grandchildren. My goal for the year is to model for my students the pleasure of learning, the value of quality communication and that character (what I am) is more than product (what I do). Let the adventure begin.

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