7th grade World History

Honors Students:
Some of you have been asking for some suggestions for how to best prepare for our chapter tests. Here are the strategies I outlined at the beginning of the year:
-Take accurate notes in class. I suggest printing out the graphic organizer I have provided for each chapter and use this to better organize notes.
-Highlight items on these notes that apply to questions posed to the class during instruction.
-Review notes nightly. Compare daily notes to study guide and work on guide as we go.
-Look at the critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter section as some of these will show up as writing options on the test. Practice writing outlines for paragraphs on these questions at home.
-Take the writing practice and peer coaching seriously...these prompts ALWAYS show up on the test.
-Practice writing skills you use in both Language Arts and Social Studies. All writing must be substantive.
-Remember: I am available most mornings from 8am. If you have a question or need some guidance, just come in.

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