Geometry, Algebra, Common Core 7,

The study and mastery of mathematics can bring great satisfaction and enjoyment and lead to a career of greater challenge and reward. The discipline, methodology and higher level thinking are all tools that are the gateway to many professions whether they specifically involve math or not. Of course, if you are thinking of science, medicine, engineering, and computers to mention a few, math is an essential component skill for you. Last year was our second year working on the new common core standards. Students did a great job and tested well on the new SBAC tests. This year we have adopted new texts in all areas including 7th and 8th grade common core math, Algebra and Geometry. The book is called Big Ideas and it has been adopted k-12. I was fortunate to pilot the Algebra Big Ideas text last year and I am impressed with many parts of the program. There is much more 'out of the box' thinking and application to real life than previous Algebra texts. I believe the 7th grade and Geometry texts will likely be similar. It is important for students and parents not to get overwhelmed or frustrated with the new book. It should be noted that it is the first year for all students in this series. The approach will take some getting used to, but each year students will become more familiar and adept at the skills taught.
I will be starting my 39th year of teaching this year, 37th at Bernardo.
I plan to continue to teach for a number of years, as long as God graciously gives me health and as long as I continue to enjoy working with students. . I know we have a great school, wonderful parents and excellent students. Thank you again for your support.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year!!

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