Fifth Grade

Welcome to Mr. Marestaing's web page. I am very open to any questions from Parents at any time, but is often easier to call me and leave a message on my phone. Please leave your name and child's name and slowly give me a no. where you can be reached. Another way to reach me is to contact me through email. I am choosing to encourage students to be responsible and make sure they copy all work in their Reminder Book, so homework will not be listed on this site. I want to train students to follow through and show responsibility in this area. My web page will not be used this year and students will be responsible to write all items in their Reminder Books. This will be our main communication line. Students are being trained to do so. Encourage them to make sure they write everything down in their RB each day. Please check it and make sure all work is completed. Thank you so much! Mr. Marestaing

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