Mrs. Koss - Special Education Mild to Moderate Teacher, 1st-3rd grade

This year has started off with many adjustments. The children have gotten to know one another as well as their new teacher. New students have been joining our class so we've reviewed school and class rules in addition to class routines. Everyone is becoming familiar with each other but we are always learning. Please help your child be prepared by reviewing the rules and procedures at home.
Please visit the other links on my website. I have listed a variety of internet sites that are related to our curriculum. Take some time to explore them, so we can help students make connections at home for what they have learned in the classroom.
I have also included some answers to frequently asked questions that you might be interested in.
I hope to work collaboratively with the parents and students to make our year great. So, please don't hesitate to contact me regarding your child. I can be reached by e-mail, phone (after 2:30) or send a note with your child if you have questions or concerns.

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