Assistant Principal

Hi! I am the assistant principal at Fairmont School.

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We're Blogging
7 wonderful teachers are with me and we're learning to blog using EdWeb.  Smile

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Testing Time!
One of my kids, a 9th grade student, was talking about testing.  He told me that all his teachers spent most of last week teaching them test taking tips and tricks.  His question was, "Why don't they spend the time teaching us content so we do well on the test?"  I thought that was an interesting observation, as I, too, have shown kids "techniques" for doing well. 

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Rio Teachers Blog!
On Wednesday, April 23, teachers at Rio Vista will spend the afternoon learning how to use this blog resource.  What a dedicated group of teachers!Smile  Now they can say they are Bloggers!  Is it back?

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Bloggers Love EdWeb
EdWeb has added a great new tool for blogging!  It's easy to use, and is easy to monitor.  Try it today! Smile

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