Language Arts 8/1, 8/2, 7/2

I have been an instructor for 25 years,teaching in many in different settings including alternative education,adult education, including GED and CHSPE examination preparation, hospital and home teaching,group home instruction, instructing adolescents in mental health and drug treatment centers in addition to teaching middle school language arts.
Previously I have been a language arts department chairperson, GATE chairperson,newspaper and yearbook advisor,and academic pentathlon coach. At B.Y.M.S.I have been a leadership advisor and elected teacher representative to the Superintendant's Advisory Council. I consider myself to have been very fortunate in having all of these experiences, especially those involving direct teaching in unique settings.
Everyday I look forward to teaching at B.Y.M.S.because of the students, faculty and supportive administration.It is truly an outstanding school.

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