Mrs. Foster's First Grade Class

Spring Is Here!!!

The month of April is here. This month we will finish up our study of weather and begin our unit on oviparous animals. By Open House we hope to have newly hatched chicks in our room which we will have watched and waited for, for 21 days while they incubate and then hatch. While the eggs are in the incubator, we will learn about other egg-laying animals such as sea turtles, butterflies and frogs. Your child will then be able to choose another oviparous animal to report on. A written report plus visual aide will be assigned mid April with a due date in early May.

Our Postcards Across America board is full of cards from across our country. The children have enjoyed sharing ones they have received. We keep a map in our desks where we highlight the states we have heard from. Perhaps we will get a card from all 50 states by the time Open House arrives May 8th.

During the 3rd quarter everyone in Room 603 made their A.R. goal. WOW!! Monday April 14th we will head to the Basketball Party to celebrate our reading success. Stay tuned for information regarding the 4th quarter and the Reading Bug Club your child can join, just by earning their A.R. points. Keep on reading!!!

Happy April, Mrs. Foster

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