7th and 8th grade Spanish

Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de espanol. My name is Mrs. Filipescu. This year, in Spanish 1A & 1B, students will be learnig vocabulary, grammatical concepts, and cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries. I use multiple intelligence and brain-compatible strategies that target every learning syle. An amazing strategy that I started using last year is TPRS. This was invented by Blaine Ray in the early 90's. It stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. This is an extremely powerful strategy used to teach fluency in the target language and to focus on immersion in the classroom due to the high interest story lines, repetion, and 100% comprehension (while Spanish is used most of the time)! It is a lot of fun to teach Spanish and to have eager students who want to learn. I am so happy and thankful to have my dream job here at Kraemer Middle School.

I like learning Spanish through TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)
 Me encanta/I love it.
 Me gusta mas o menos. (I like it more or less.)
 No me gusta. (I don't like it.)
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